About Us

Data from the Central Statistics Agency on 2021 shows that only 19.18% of Indonesian youth work in the agricultural sector and the number continues to decline even amidst an increase in the number of workers in Indonesia.

Eratani is an agri-tech company founded by the nation's children with big dreams and passion. Eratani has a mission to prosper Indonesian farmers by building a strong agricultural ecosystem. We are here to facilitate the upstream process (farmer funding, supply chain management) to the downstream process (distribution & distribution of crops) in agricultural ecosystems."


To be the #1 agri-tech in Indonesia by building a strong agriculture ecosystem from upstream to downstream, including the funding, utilities supply, education, and products distribution, and helping the farmers to get easy access via technology support which will improve the farmers’ living standard in the future.


  • 1.

    Building and developing a strong agricultural ecosystem through digitalization and transparency in every step.

  • 2.

    Becoming a partner for farmers which supports the whole agriculture process.

  • 3.

    Becoming a partner for creditors, suppliers, and distributors to improve supply chain management in the field of agriculture.

  • 4.

    Collaborating with food and beverage-related business entities to improve national food security.

  • 5.

    Giving positive and constructive social impact on Indonesian agriculture ecosystem.

Our Team

The whole team who will strive to do our best to improve Indonesian farmers' welfare, we are EraFamily (EraForce).

Andrew Soeherman

Chief Executive Officer

With the spirit of Ora et Labora, I hope Eratani can embrace not only 100 or 1000 farmers, but all farmers in Indonesia so that our agricultural heroes will be able to live a prosperous life.

Kevin Juan

Chief Operating Officer

We want Eratani to give real ‘impact’ to the farmers as well as to show future farmers of the young generation that farming is a high-technology, prospective, and productive business.

Angles Gani

Chief Service Officer

When life blesses you financially, don’t raise your standard of living but raise your standard of giving. One of the similarities between Eratani’s vision and mine is that we both want to bring an impact to our surroundings, in this case, by prospering the farmers’ lives.

Getting Closer with EraForce

We always maintain and uphold the company’s values for the sake of comfortable working environment in order to achieve Eratani’s main goal in advancing Indonesian agriculture.


Shoot for extra-miles and bring out the excellent performance consistently.


Work together in a team to achieve our common goals.


Become the best version of yourself by being honest, responsible, and reliable.

Want To Be A Part of EraForce?

Let’s join us to create a better Indonesian agriculture community!

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