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By joining as Eratani's Fostered Farmers, You will get a comprehensive agricultural assistance, starting from accessing trusted source of funding, providing agriculture products & facilities according to your needs, and selling your crops at the best price!

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How to Join Fostered Farmers by Eratani


Farmer Partnership Submission

To join us, please fill out the registration form in advance.


Agricultural Budget Calculation

We will calculate the agricultural budget to fulfill farmer needs deliberatively.


Terms & Conditions Fulfillment

Eratani along with our Source of Fund (SoF) partner will conduct feasibility test to analyse farmer.


Disbursement Agricultural Budget

Agricultural production facilities & agricultural tools will be given to farmer, following the planting time period.


Loan Repayment

Farmer is able to return the loan after harvesting, by providing grain with the best price.

Join Us and Get All The Benefits!

Thousands of farmers have been helped to increase their income and become successful farmers. Now, it's your turn to join Eratani's fostered farmers and get full access to our agricultural assistance program.

Access to trusted sources of funding

The best agricultural production facilities

Agricultural assistance with the experts

Loan repayment after harvest

Access to the best market price